About me

Me, personally!


My name is Olivia Farnham, and I live in Jersey City, New Jersey, right across the river from NYC. I am in the process of starting a new chapter in my life as a moved to the city about a month ago with my wonderful partner. With little knowledge of how to start a life in this daunting city, my partner and I are navigating our way in to our very first apartment together. With a new apartment, a new job and a new city, I am excited to blog about my transition and my experiences.

our beautiful apartment

The newness of everything gives us the amazing opportunity to create the life – and the apartment! – that we have dreamed of. I love to entertain, decorate, and use my creativity to make others smile, especially my partner and my best friends. We are learning more and more about Jersey City every day and are falling in love with the city.

I am excited to share posts about life as a young couple in Jersey City with ideas for things to do and fun date night ideas, as well as decorating on a budget for a tiny apartment (650 square feet!), DIY projects, and ways to stretch your dollar in the kitchen. All of these things compose a how-to guide for starting a life with your partner!

Things I love

my partner 

my family


budget decorating

amazon prime


syracuse university

lana del rey

date nights

my crock pot


lord & taylor


sons of anarchy 


alpha xi delta


my kitchen

I hope you enjoy,



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