Something Borrowed: My New{ish} Dishware

Dishware is a kitchen staple that has a so much meaning to me. I recently understood this meaning after moving in to my new apartment. My mother kindly agreed to lend us the dishware that my sister’s and I ate off of growing up –  it has been in storage for years and needed a new life.DSC_0366

We ate off of paper plates for almost a month until my mom was finally able to pack them up and ship them to us. I did not realize how obnoxious eating off of paper plates could really be. Sure, we didn’t have as many dishes to do, which was great, but every meal I made fDSC_0369elt like a cheap excuse to throw food on the table, despite it being a lovely dish.

When the boxes finally arrived, I was overcome with nostalgia. These are the most beautiful plates for so many different reasons! I love the geometric aesthetic of the blue checkers and simplicity of the fruit pieces. What I love more, however, is the memories that came flooding back as I unpacked them. Think abouDSC_0370t it: growing up, you eat off of these plates every single day for years and years. They embody familiarity, the comfort of your home, and help you to remember your mom’s favorite dishes. I am so pleased to have them now and to make new memories with them!

I couldn’t help butDSC_0367 take some quick photos of them to show. They are the perfect shapes and sizes for us and for our new home. To save on your budget when moving in to a new apartment, ask around and see if there are any items in storage that you could borrow. Maybe a family member or a friend has something they could loan you for a year or so to get your started.

Did you have a favorite dish you had as a child? Photos of your family cutlery? China sets? Maybe a favorite coffee mug? Share them here!


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