Budget Decorating: Living Gallery Wall

I am excited to post my first DIY and budget decorating project on to the site. I was inspired to do this project because I absolutely love cooking with fresh herbs. Herbs are very expensive and do not last long, neither on the plant nor once purchased in the store. If I cooked with herbs as much as I wanted to, I would have to trek to the store weekly to buy fresh. But with this amazing new wall, I don’t have to!

the finished product – I am in love!

This beautiful gallery wall is both functional and visually stunning (in my opinion!). I accomplished two objectives with one project:

1) I needed to fill this great wall space. I knew I wanted to go gallery!
2) I needed to find the perfect spot for an indoor herb garden (ideally in the kitchen).

With a little searching on Pinterest and Amazon, I was so surprised to find this product that doubled as an indoor garden and as a piece of art. As you can see, the piece is a hanging planter that you can fill and customize with any plants that you want – it even comes in multiple colors! Check it out the Bright Green Grovet Wall Planter here. I mulled over purchasing it for about a week and realized that the longer I waited, the longer I would be without my own fresh herbs, so I went for it; it was also an Amazon Prime product, which makes the purchase even sweeter. I am not in love with the color, but I may paint it in the future.

The project started about three weeks ago when I planted my seedlings. I went to Home Depot and purchased all of the herbs I wanted to grow, gardening gloves, seedling starters, and a big bag of seed starting mix, as you can see here.


I then followed the directions with the seed starters to add water, let sit, etc. I then added my seeds! I planted sage, parsley, cilantro, basil, oregano, chives, and dill. I really wanted to plant mint but could not find any at Home Depot. I let them sit for about a week or so before I even touched the wall planter. This allows the seeds to germinate and become sturdy in the dirt. Here are the photos of about a week after. The picture on the left is Wednesday, and the picture on the right is Thursday – it’s actually insane how fast these little plants grow! I love watching the process.

photo 1photo 4

I kept the seed packages next to the corresponding plant, but once I learned the differences in bud, I didn’t really need them so I tossed them out. After about two weeks of germination, I transferred the seed starters in to the Grovet Living Wall Planter as the diagram on the right shows. You probably do not need to wait two weeks, perhaps just a few days. I waited longer because I was busy and didn’t have time to transfer the plants until two weeks latstep1er. This is where I used the extra seed starting soil. It was a bit difficult to transfer the dirt into the planter because of the slanted shape, so make sure that you are doing this transferring outside because dirt will get everywhere. I did it on my stoop and swept it clean after.

I let the plants sit in the planter for a week – I just felt better letting them settle for a week, but again, you probably do not need to wait that long.

Gallery Wall Items

Now, on to part two of my gallery wall project. No gallery wall is complete without some frames and photos. Frames are wonderful for decorating because you can find them for cheap and they can be adapted to any decor style. I also love frames because you you’re not limited to photos – you can use prints, sketches, other mediums, and hey, you can even leave them empty like This Fair Lady did here!

I surfed Pinterest for a gallery shape that would balance out the Grovet planter and made a few sketches. At the dollar store, I was able to mix and match some cheapo frames for the look I wanted. The accent color to our apartment is gold, so I grabbed frames in any color for spray paintingw1c9fy8nvbNV2v5fcBAKJnzy7A4BlNTA9XkmhiOZosQ. One of them had a strange holographic that I need to replace, but I was anxious to hang it, so excuse the weirdness. All together, these frames cost me about $11.00!! I am sure you could find some for even cheaper at a thrift store, or even just re-purpose some you may already have in your home. Spray paint can give almost anything new life. Here is what I used for the frames – the white was for another project you can also seeBnsY48621NmUL3SGQZw-uJDG5Yi9DfneS9IxL3Jd3cs in the photo on the left.  I plan on getting nice photos and prints to put in the frames, but for now, I just printed free items off of Oh So Lovely Blog!! I am obsessed with the freebies on that site!

Hanging the Wall Planter

Next, I went on to hang the wall planter. Warning: this thing is heavy!!! The description says that it will weigh about 30 pounds when planted, which sounds about right, but it is a massive piece so be sure to use proper hanging procedure for your wall type. I got together my stud finder, level and dry wall screws for this. This bracket you see comes with the Grovet Wall Planter Kit – it is used as a hook for the planter.

Lay a tarp just in case!

I also put a tarp down on the floor in case of a dirt-emergency while mounting the plant (see right).  I might recommend keeping the tarp down for a few days just in case some dirt decides to fall or if water drips. I have not experienced either of those things yet, however, some reviews on Amazon said they noticed this. My thoughts: a little dirt never hurt anyone!

Step One: Once you find your desired spot to hang the planter, you need to drill pilot holes where the bracket will go. This was a bit difficult because of the bulk and size of the frame. Additionally, the bracket/hook sits in the top/middle of the frame, so measuring or eyeballing is difficult. I would take plenty of time to measure, and if you have a person who can hold it DSC_0386in place while you measure, things would go a lot smoother than it did for me!

Step 2: If you are using drywall screws (which I recommend), insert them into the pilot holes so that they are flush with the wall. A gentle tap from the hammer makes it easy!

Bracket intact.

Step 3: Screw in the bracket. Note that the blue drywall things and the screws themselves do not come with the planter. I used a hand drill and it works wonders – I like knowing how secure it is. A26QLA5jK9HCaJx_IEU1L39F6Z7C83Q_8svZND7K_Hs

Step 4: Mount the wall planter to the bracket and you are done! As I mentioned, monitor the plant for a few days just to make sure nothing is slipping out and that the dirt and plants are settling nicely.

After the main attraction was up, I hung the rest of the frames. I stepped back and was so happy! My herbs are still budding and look a little weak at the moment, but I know that once they fill in, it will be even more beautiful. pkaOHLGfMxTC5kQz1DVEqLWMEj_Ndp79Er-mgWDY-kY

I hope to post a review of the Grovet Wall Planter after a month or so to share the results and my thoughts on the product. More to come!

~ Olivia


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