5 Never Fail Tips for Your Next Job Interview

I came across this article yesterday by Mark Quinn from the Brazen Careerist that features some fresh tips on how to nail a job interview. I found them super helpful, as I hope you will as well. I have reviewed each tip and given my commentary on each.

And pay attention, because believe it or not, interview horror stories are real.

1) Recognize that your interviewer may be gauging your reactions. The person interviewing you may throw you some curve balls, on purpose, to see how you will handle them. The most best thing to do as the interviewee is so remain calm and try to react as logically as possible. Never react extremely to a question, whether it is a positive or negative reaction.

2) Exude confidence. This one is pretty self-explanatory. By being confident, you convince the company that you are a highly-sought after product and that you have a lot of knowledge and skills to bring to them. Just don’t overdo it.

3) Track your speech. The interviewer should be talking more than you. Ask important questions that would help you make a decision on whether or not to take the job offer (if it is to happen). This will also show confidence. And of course, nothing proves intelligence more than asking a good question.

4) Research the person who will interview you. Research the person so that you can find points where you connect and have commonalities. It will also impress them to know that you took the time to learn about her or him.

5) Spend time thinking about good questions to ask. Don’t be generic. Look for the questions that will deem the response, “I’ve never been asked that before.” Some examples are as such:

  • Would you join this company if you could do it all over again?
  • How many friends have you recruited to work for this company?
  • Does this company deserve to be on the “best companies to work for” list?

“These types of questions will do three things: 1) get them thinking 2) lend insight into what they say vs. what they do and 3) separate you from the rest of the candidates asking textbook questions.” says Quinn.

These simple steps will make it that much easier for your interviewer to choose you! Good luck! <

About the Author: Mark Quinn is a Segment VP of Marketing with Leggett & Platt and has more than two decades of experience. Quinn writes a bedding industry and marketing blog called Q’s Views. Follow Mark on Twitter!


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