Keep It Professional: Quick Tips to Keeping Your Cool in Crisis

crisisIt is easy for us to believe that we are all calm, rational people when it comes to working with others. But the truth is, it can be hard to keep your cool and remain professional when under pressure. When crisis occurs, we often resort to rash, emotional decision-making. If you find yourself in a pickle, remember a few of these tips below — you will thank yourself later when you reflect on your work during a crisis.
  • Do you have a comment? Crises are immediate. Before you do anything else, compose a comment so you are prepared when the media comes knocking.
  • Remain calm. The media will quickly pick up on your emotional state if you are rattled, so keep your cool. Remaining calm will also allow you to think more clearly and work towards solving to problem properly.
  • Ask questions. Inform yourself so you can find the most effective solution to the issue. Otherwise, you may be solving the wrong problem and wasting your time.
  • Who are you? Do what you can in your position. You will not be able to control everything, so do not beat yourself up over that. Remember your position as the communicator, not the CEO.
  • What is the situation? Asses the situation in the most simple terms. There is no reason to complicate things unnecessarily.
  • What is your deadline? When experiencing crisis, you are unlikely to have a deadline. However, it is important to be aware of the time constraints you do have, whether that be a few hours or a few minutes.
  • Give Yourself Time. After assessing your deadline, allow yourself the time you need within that period to do your job properly.
  • Research situation. Are there affected publics you have not considered yet? Has this happened to another company before? If you have time, you can look further then your current situation for solutions and guidance.
  • Make a plan. Create quick PR plan complete with messaging, audiences, backgrounders, etc.

When faced with a crisis, keep your cool, but most importantly, keep it professional! There is nothing worse than looking back on your work and being embarrassed by lack of professionalism. <


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