If The Server Is Down, So Am I

Today I want to talk about an issue that we all deal with but cannot escape: technology.

Technology is, of course, important in the work place. It makes us more productive, it helps us collaborate, and ultimately yields a better finished product. But we’ve become so dependent on our technology, that we believe working without it is futile.

As an intern, I am usually left to use computers and other gadgets that are “at the end of the road,” so to speak. Therefore, I am often working without internet or the company server (usually both). And that’s ok. I am not posting to complain, but instead, to highlight just how important it is that office technology is up-to-date, functioning, and being utilized properly.

Because when I am missing one of the parts to my well-oiled PR-intern machine, I admit, I am not the best intern I can be.

This loss of productivity is what makes it crucial for a company to have IT assistance accessible and to respond promptly to technical difficulties; otherwise, it may be money out of their pocket. However, faulty technology should not be preventing you from working hard!

Here are a few tips you can use to increase productivity, even when you are battling with the internet, your server, or any other creation that is the life-source of your workday.

1) Brainstorm. What work can you complete without the internet or server? You know, there is such a thing as pen and paper. Use it! First off, think of work you can complete for your client — that’s most important. If you can’t think of any immediate projects, consider projects you haven’t started yet. Can you start the brainstorming process for a client’s event in the future? Is there a need for more social media content for a client? Get the creative juices flowing!

2) Study. Let’s admit, you probably didn’t read the paper this morning. That’s OK! Grab the paper, a magazine, or a book (relevant to your work) and study up on the latest. Part of being a great employee and professional is being informed, so get to it.

3) Housekeep. Time to lean is time to clean, after all. That pile of stray files sitting on your desk has been waiting for this very moment to be put in its place. Take five to organize your desk or address a housekeeping issue that you’ve been putting off.

Though the goal is to get through the workday without hitting technological road blocks, there is no reason not to take advantage of being disconnected and make good use of time!<


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