Why Internships Aren’t Enough

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 8.26.19 PMWhen graduation is approaching and you are scrambling to make a smooth transition from college into a career, you can become quickly overwhelmed with the thought that you have just not had enough experience to impress an employer. But the truth is, whether you’ve had two or ten internships, the best way to land a job is through networking. Here are some networking tips that will set you on a path to landing your dream job:

Find the person that works for your dream company or had your dream job and ask to have lunch with them. Once there ask them how they began their career and share where you would eventually like to see yours going. This will show the person that you are proactive, real-world savvy, and invested in your field and future.

Next, ask them is they need help on a regular basis — maybe they need help filing papers or starting a blog. Whatever they need, learn how to execute the task and do it. These connections can become much more valuable than an internship experience upon graduation.

So keep in mind, every new person you meet in your field can be a valuable connect. Don’t be afraid to ask them to coffee, lunch, or to offer help in the office!<



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