PR and Greek Recruitment | The Shocking Connection

Alpha Xi Delta, Eta Chapter, Syracuse, NY

I have some very exciting news — just this past weekend I was selected to be the new Membership Vice President of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. This means that I am responsible for recruiting all of the new members for this coming spring.

You may be wondering, “what the heck does this have to do with PR?” and the answer is, well, just about everything.

Though my job is extremely complicated, the main skills needed to perform the job are organization, leadership, and people skills. In this position I will need to plan four days of sorority recruitment for my chapter. This means that I will be responsibly for nearly 800 girls that will be passing though my sorority house within just one day.

My job is to get each girl into the house and acquainted with a sister so that both parties can begin to decide if the visitor is a good fit for the house.  I plan four different rounds of recruitment, each with a different theme (for example, one day’s theme is philanthropy); this job is extremely time-consuming and stressful, but rewarding.

Besides the organizational aspect of the job, I have to teach the sisters in my house how to talk to strangers. This is where my public relation’s skills kick in. We teach our sisters things like:

  • How to make the visitor more comfortable
  • How to connect with a stranger within the first thirty seconds of meeting them
  • How to present yourself and your house in the best possible light

These skills are all things that are a part of what it means to perform personal public relations. Personal public relations is exactly what it sounds like: taking public relations tactics and strategies and applying them to your personal brand, in this case, Alpha Xi Delta. This includes the promotion of your image as favorable; establishing, maintaining, or improving a favorable relationship between you and the public. So in this case, the publics are the potential new members, and my responsibility is to teach sisters how to do great PR for Alpha Xi Delta.

This connection between Greek life and public relations just goes to show that PR is everywhere — and everyone needs it!

Needless to say, I am very excited to accept this position. I know that it will allow me to hon my organization skills while testing my leadership dexterity. It will also be a test of how well I can teach my sisters how to connect with strangers and best represent the house. PR really does surround every aspect of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 <



  1. That’s beautiful, congrats!
    I say any chance to learn and/or demonstrate leadership, people and communications skills, is a great add to both your CV and life experience.
    Good on you and all the best =)


  2. First off, congratulations on your new position, that’s amazing!
    I never realized the correlation between the two, but now that I have read your blog, PR skills are great to have during formal recruitment. It’s almost as if you have to make a pitch every time you talk to a new girl. The knowledge of event planning is also a great tool to have for both PR and recruitment. Your organizational skills will also be a great asset during recruitment because of the large number of girls coming through your house every round. Best of luck during recruitment season!

  3. This is a really good blog topic. You’re right, PR and Greek life/recruitment is immensely linked. After going through it for the first time, I definitely felt like I knew more about my major and what it entails in the real world. All of it is great experience, and with your new position, I’m sure you’ll gain the most out of everyone this year.

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