Challenging Clients are More Than Just That

When working in public relations agencies, one of the most challenging tasks is working with the client. Clients can be a range of things to us; they can be helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with, while other clients could be described as difficult and demanding.

In my work as an account supervisor, I have been able to work with multiple clients and have learned a lot from those experiences. Reflecting back on these different accounts, I have noticed a theme with all of the individuals who have enlisted the help of Hill Communications, barneywhich is that they are all inexperienced with public relations. Some of them don’t even know what PR practitioners actually do.

This observation has opened my eyes to just how up-and-coming public relations is in business. Organizations don’t know what PR is, yet they know they need it.

Additionally, working with clients who are inexperienced with PR has truly allowed me to take the lead on these projects and work from my own ideas and concepts. Contrarily, a client who is knowledgeable about PR may already have ideas, goals, and potential strategies they want to use in place. Working with my Hill Comm clients has been very much like working with a clean slate.

Along with being creative, I have been able to define what I do on my own terms. For example, last week, I sat down with a group of clients that were “older,” and by older, I mean that there was an 82 year old women there. They were not afraid to admit they had know idea what I was going to do for them, and, in my own words, I told them. It was somewhat of an empowering experience because they told me they really needed my help and were pleased with the strategy and goals I presented them.

The lesson I have learned when working with clients is though they may be inexperienced, difficult, or demanding, they challenge us in a healthy way. These clients are what make us better at what we do, and for that, we must be thankful <


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, well done! I have to agree that dealing with clients is one of the most challenging aspects of public relations, but that it is only beneficial to our success and increased learning. You really nail it on the head when you said, “Organizations don’t know what PR is, yet they know they need it.” Great post!

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