Personal Public Relations | Identifying Your Brand

Me, personally!
Me, personally!

A crucial aspect of exercising excellent personal public relations is creating your personal brand. Your brand encompasses everything you represent — from your name, to your skills, to your social networking sites and beyond. Think of your brand as your business. Once you have developed your personal brand, the next step is to “identify”  yourself to the public.

What does it mean to identify your brand?

To identify your brand is to establish yourself and your brand among your publics. Take me for example: I am a student at Syracuse University. By identifying my brand, my peers and professors have come to know me as Olivia Farnham, an Account Supervisor for Hill Communications an Intern at Make-A-Wish Central New York. They also know that I have a special interest in social media and blogging. Here, I have established myself among my publics, who are my peers and professors.

How does one identify them self?

1) Offer general information about yourself and personal brand. Let your publics know where you work, what do you do, and where you go (or did go) to school. Include unique characteristics that make up who you are. For example, you may have been raised in two different countries, or you specialize in healthcare PR. This way, you may be referred to by your name and your special skills, making you more appealing to all who encounter you in the professional world.

2) Keep publics informed. Let your connections or potential connections know when you have an announcement. For instance, you have a big capstone project presentation coming up or you have recently changed jobs. Release a status update, an email, or even a letter informing your publics of these functions — it will remind them just how awesome you are. If you feel your connection is strong enough, you can even invite them to any of the events you feel they would enjoy. Even if they don’t attend, your relations will still take note of your successes.

3) Learn about them, too. Who are your publics, your connections, and your potential connections? What do they do, and what have they done in the past? Being knowledgeable about your contacts will call for lots of conversation points when you finally do connect, and it will show your interest in them.

Why should I identify?

By identifying yourself, you build connections. Even though a person may not be interested in you, they will notice your interested in them. By making a favorable impression, connections will remember you and will be likely to consider you when hiring down the line.

Identifying is also a way you can prepare yourself for future needs. In the future, you may need to ask your peers, superiors, and public in general for something. If they are familiar with you and your brand, they are more likely to be receptive to your request and help you out<


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  1. Nice post Olivia! 🙂 I totally agree to all your points! Plus, with the power of social media today and our engagement in them, it would be a good choice to have a concistent brand of ourselves among the social media platforms we use.

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