Trust: The Foundation of Your Social Business

Cheryl Burgess, Co-founder, Managing Partner and CMO of Blue Focus Marketing, published an article Monday about “Branding in the Age of Social Business.” In it, she discussed that the most successful businesses are the ones that are social.

When we think about “being social” in a non-business setting, we think about friends, fun, and the like. And what’s the first thing we learned about friendship growing up? How to trust and be trustworthy.

The same principles of friendship apply to when running a social business.

Cheryl Burgess says that trust must live at the core of a company before it can be extended to customers. And at the core of each company we find it’s employees.

But trusting employees with major responsibility is often a problem within large corporations. “Unfortunately, far too much untapped creative talent is going ignored simply because management doesn’t trust or value (employees),” says Burgess. “Just as consumers must trust a brand before making a purchase, businesses must fundamentally trust their employees before carrying their brand identities into the realm of social media.”

Without trust, a social business will simply not succeed. Companies must be able to trust their employees to share expertise and knowledge with public and potential customers. Burgess concludes that but trusting your employees, you can empower your brand as a whole<


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