3 Creative Ways to Market Yourself Without Social Media

Social media is a great tool that we can use to promote personal blogs and brands. But because social media is used so frequently, it is sometimes forgotten that personal branding happens off-line as well. Here are a few quick reminders of how you can market your brand in a traditional way:

1) In headings. Company headings appear on business cards, envelopes, and so forth. Include the links to your blog or your favorite mini blog here. You should also include the link to your blog or favorite mini blog in the signature of your email — this is a simple and quick way to bring people to your site!

2) At events. I can not emphasize just how critical events can be in your career. At a networking event, be sure people know not just your name, but what your brand can provide for them. In other words,  you must express your value. You can do this by showing them your blog or website (DO NOT hesitate to whip-out your smart phone) and quickly running them through your site. This will allow them to connect with the site at that very moment. Ask them for a social media account that you can send your site link to. Lastly, slip them a business card with the site link included on it.  This is very much like a pitch.

3) By word of mouth. Talk about your blog. Get friends, family, and coworkers involved by asking them to contribute by commenting or even doing a guest entry. Make it fun.

Be about your blog in all professional situations — and it will get noticed!<

Thanks to Daniel Sharkov for some inspiring thoughts on marketing in 3 Creative Ways to Market Your Business Blog Without Social Media.


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