The Difference Between Public Relations Plans & Strategies

One of my favorite blogs/Twitter to follow is WomenInPR. They’ve always got helpful tips, inspiring quotes, and show great enthusiasm for the field of PR. This blog post discusses the difference between a PR plan and a strategy. Great read!

Women Of Color In Public Relations

A public relations plan outlines all of the components and tools that will make up a company’s approach to public relations. A PR strategy is a more specific look at how each particular PR tool will become part of two common PR strategies, which are proactive and reactive PR.

Marketing Plan

  • A public relations plan is a major section in a company’s broader marketing plan. Marketing plans lay out specific goals and strategies by a which a company will achieve success in delivering products or services to the marketplace. It includes recognition of needs in key market segments, an analysis of the current situation of the company, objectives, strategies, timelines, tactics and financial statements addressing anticipated performance.

PR Plan

  • The PR plan portion of a marketing plan identifies the objectives, strategies and tactics specifically related to public relations. Public relations is the use of unpaid media space and time to…

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