How To Brand Yourself with Google+

As seen in my past post, Can Google+ Boost My Personal Brand? Google+ is a great tool for adding yet another facit to your personal profile, portfolio, and brand. Now that we know you should use it, let’s talk about a few simple things we need to do in order to make our Google+ profile ready to be viewed by potential employers.

Complete your “About” section. Introduce yourself in a professional light. Who do you work for, what kind of experience do you have, and the places/associations you connect with (i.e. for me, I live in Vermont part-time, I attend Syracuse University). Give as much info as you think an employer would like to see, but be careful as to not over-share. Less is sometimes more.

Share Links. Connect your Google+ profile with your Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. This makes you more accessable, and desirable!

Say Cheese! Be sure to upload a photo of yourself. This allows people to put a face to the name. Your photo should be consistent throughout your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. This makes you recognizable.

Shorten your URL. You can shorten that elongated URL associated with your profile by following this link It allows you to create a nickname. Again, the nickname should be consistent with your brand and other profiles you hold online. For example, my nickname would be my brand, Olivia Farnham.

Connect. Make those connections! Share your content, experiences, and day-to-day updates.

And alas, your brand is boosted! <

Thanks to Heather R. Human for her great insights in her article How To Brand Yourself on Google+.

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