There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

There is no such things as a stupid question. A phrase we heard from our teachers, advisors, and superiors throughout our lifetime. But no matter how many times we heard this saying, we always managed to find the one impossibly stupid question and ask it (at least I know I did).

That fact has led me to believe that there definitely is such thing a stupid question, especially in the professional world. But today, I am going to talk about the importance of asking questions as a way to connect with acquaintances, clients, and coworkers on a personal level.

Why questions? Questions express interest. Asking someone a question leads them to believe that you are intellectually engaged in the conversation and that you care about the topic or cause. This will put you in a favorable position in their mind.

The tricky part is asking the right kinds of questions. I have come up with a simple way to formulate great questions that people love to answer (and will remember you favorably for). The formula goes by the word favorites.

And it’s that simple. Ask the person what they love, what they prefer, and what their favorite is.

For example, you are at a company party and there is a wide variety of cheeses available for enjoyment. You might ask your co-worker or boss, “which one is your favorite?” or “why do you prefer the cheddar over the gouda?”

It sounds simple, but it may spark a flow great conversation. After all, everyone loves to talk about their opinion.

Another great example would be if you know this person had recently moved from one part of town to the other. You may want to ask them “how do you like the North End compared to The Hill Section?” or “what’s your favorite part of town to live in?”

Show them that you remember bits of info about them, that you care, and most importantly, that you’re interested.
These small differences will affect you personal image favorably.

Remember: don’t be nosey or ask questions that are too personal and of course stay away from politics and religion.

Just think, favorites! <


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