When Time Is Some Else’s Money

To most big-time CEOs, time is money. But for young professionals like me, time is someone else’s money. That’s why it is so important to be punctual when trying to “make it” in the professional world.

For big companies, lack of time poses many problems in terms of deadlines, sales, and numbers. But if you’re clever enough, you can take this issue and use it to your advantage.

Besides doing the obvious and showing up on time for work and for meetings, you can impress your superiors by completing your given tasks ahead of your deadline. Not only will this showcase the dexterity of your skill set, but it will also prove your work ethic.

By completing your tasks ahead of time, you can move on to your next project and assignment, and increase the productivity to time ratio. And before you know it, time will be your money, not someone else’s < 


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