Weddings | What You Should and Should Not Do

Weddings. We all love them. The swelling of music, the handsome wedding party, and the gorgeous bride are enough to make even the coldest people shed a tear or two.

But aside from the unavoidable tissue-necessity and celebratory cake, weddings can be a great opportunity for professionals, both young and old, to connect.

With that being said, it is important to remember to not only stay on your best behavior, but to also keep your eyes peeled for potential professional opportunities.

This past weekend, I attended one of distant cousin’s weddings outside of town. Going into the crowd of anxious guests awaiting the bride’s arrival, I reminded myself of a few Social Schoolhouse rules:

1)      Dress your best. Yes, the wedding may be casual, but you want to present yourself in a way in which people will remember you. I wore a beautiful one-shouldered turquoise dress that was appropriate for the season but not so flashy that it took attention from the bride. Note: the wedding invitation may have specified a dress code or suggested attire — don’t be the one to show up to a black and white wedding wearing red!

2)      Watch the booze. Everyone should have a drink in honor of the couple, but know your limits. You should be able to hold a conversation with a potential connection.

3)      Talk. Talk. Talk. Introduce yourself to whoever you encounter, whether it is on the dance floor or at the buffet. Use your Social Schoolhouse networking tools and make those connections!

4)      Dance. (Because it’s fun).

In addition to being the best social butterfly you can be, take time to connect with the people that youalready know. Besides doing the obvious and congratulating the bride and groom, thank them. Additionally, thank their parents and/or friends who helped plan the wedding and give your compliments.  Lastly, connect with some of your more distant relatives or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. In my case, I reconnected with a distant aunt, filling her in on my life; where I go to school, my major, etc. Family loves to hear what you’re up to.

Low and behold, there was a couple who went to Syracuse there! Again, you never know who’s around, so be sure to put your best foot forward <

Lastly, don’t forget your business cards! If you felt that you connected with anyone on a professional level, don’t be shy and exchange contact info.


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